What is Death Confetti?

Death Confetti is Jennifer Robin’s 2016 stand-up tragedy from Feral House. It features autobiographical sketches of Robin’s arrival and survival in Portland, Oregon, from the grunge-era obscurity of the ’90s to its current media-darling status.

Robin’s lewd, visionary prose describes a hidden America, one in which the most disposable people reveal life-shattering truths. We meet the Toilet Humper, Gary the Swinger, the Strippingest Stripper. Robin recounts a life lived with noise musicians, junkies, and a boyfriend who insists on reviving dead fruit flies. She dines with skinheads turned Hare Krishnas. Her mother’s gynecologist murders his wife. Robin’s Portland is lit like a Christmas tree by the ornaments of tweaker-skulls.

Death Confetti lingers like a mosquito bite to the soul.

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Photo by Kurt Eisenlohr