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Death Confetti was released by Feral House in June 2016. It took a year to generate and edit the content into its final form. Feral House is a press known for its embrace of shocking and occult work. Controversial viewpoints, vintage T&A, suppressed science, true crime, and heavy doses of pop culture are found in their roster. Feral House focuses on non-fiction, however they do (for example, with the book Priestess of Morphine) publish poetry and visual art that has a vital cultural backstory.

For those of you who aren’t aware of Adam Parfrey’s legendary press, here are links:



Death Confetti’s cover art and interior layout were designed by Jacob Covey. Covey’s website is here:

Death Confetti frontcover copy.jpg

Death Confetti features a full-color section with photos by Kurt Eisenlohr, Jud Muir, Nick Giampetro, and Kenneth Barton.

Eisenlohr took atmospheric shots of Portland street life, including the old lady in sunglasses, the man with stuffed animals, and the witch. This page features some of his photography:

Muir shot the transit series featuring Robin in the purple hat. His site is here:

Barton took this photo of Robin in leopard-print. His site is here:


The Death Confetti video trailer was assembled by Earthen Watson. It features music by Vin Eden, and spoken sections by Jennifer Robin.

Vin Eden’s music is on Soundcloud under the name VINEDEN. Earthen Watson’s work can be found on Vimeo:


Copies of Death Confetti can be ordered directly from Feral House,, and at many other online and print bookstores:

Nofest copy.jpgNOFEST 2013, Photo by Kenneth Barton


This is Robin’s Youtube page. It is a work in progress. She is currently editing her Summer 2016 performances into bite-sized chunks:

There are several additional videos of Robin’s performances on Kurt Eisenlohr’s Youtube page:


Robin regularly posts on this Facebook personal page:



Robin has been published in PLAZM Media, Whole Beast Rag, Fractalized, Unshod Quills, Dark Bizarra Magazine, Gobshite Quarterly, HorrorSleazeTrash, and CLASH Media. In spring 2016, Robin’s zine, Even Snowflakes Heal and You Can Download Skin was featured in Constance Ann Fitzgerald’s LadyBox zine series, which featured a cover photo taken by the immensely talented Virgie Whisler:


To see Ladybox’s current selection and blog, click here:

Bus Photo by Jud Muir
b&w portrait of JR in wig by Kenneth Barton