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I hosted and booked Night of the Living Tongue, an all-live avant-garde variety show for 9 years on KBOO Community Radio, 90.7 FM. I found musicians, writers, storytellers, pranksters, and anti-comedians to guest on the show each week. The show tended to do what my writing still does: It provided a forum in which marginalized and exploratory personalities could express themselves, and it was, above all else, unpredictable. The content was absurd and politically offensive. Music and text pumped through the air from 11-midnight, and often got me in trouble with station censors.

After an 8-year hiatus from the station, I returned to be a guest on Doctor Zomb’s Stereo Obscura. The date was March 30th, 2016. This link features a two-hour show. Interviews and readings from the book are interspersed with “offbeat music.” You can listen or download from this page:

On July 18th I returned to KBOO to read more excerpts (and outtakes) from Death Confetti. Here is the link to my appearance on The Talking Earth, hosted by Patrick Bocarde:

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These are a few pictures from my noise and performance-art days.

Returning to the radio show many times was my own project, The Groop. We improvised rock theatre. I would come up with a topic such as Dating Advice, Aquatic Animals, Role-Playing Games, Big Oil, Drugs, Outer Space, The Afterlife, Chernobyl, Regrets, Urination. The Groop would loosely roll with the topic for an hour. The revolving cast included Tage Savage, Phillipa Everard-West, Ross Farrier, Jacob Anderson, Brian Miller, Crispin Rosenkranz, Orland Nutt, Jason Dollar, and Jemiah Jefferson. A few of our epic songs are in the following links…

War Machine:

A folk odyssey, Naked at the North Pole:

And Hawkbaby:

And The Sunrise:

The Groop performed between the years of 2002-2008. I called our appearances “Cultural Exorcisms.” There are dozens of Groop recordings which I want to load into my computer and edit for release. I remember some beauts about extraterrestrial pigeon dung, Pierce Brosnan of “Remington Steele,” a futuristic hangout called the Coma Bar, and a haunting by a baby named Don Johnson.

Night of The Living Tongue was a weekly show. My archive contains live recordings and submissions that chronicle roughly 15 years of Portland’s experimental music and spoken-word scene—from acid jazz to musique concrete, from local legend Elvis Schroeder’s “Creepy Tales that Chill” to national legend Steve Mackay (sax-player for The Stooges)

My Stockpile Oath: Life-willing, the day will come when I release these dissonant gems to the public.

BaddBright1.5 copy.jpgPhotos provided by Jennifer Robin, Crispin Rosenkranz, Ricardo Wang, Ken Barton. Below: Press from the Portland Mercury

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