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Jennifer Robin has worked with avant-garde musicians for twenty years. She booked a live weekly variety show, Night of the Living Tongue, on Portland’s KBOO 90.7 FM, from 1999-2008. She has read and recorded with Doug Theriault, Solenoid, A nat Hema, The Dead Air Fresheners, The Groop, Eric Prado, Airon Ghostradio, and Spirit Duplicator. She appeared with Tres Gone on their Voodoo Doughnuts 2015 release. She went on two tours between 2000-2001 for her published novel, Bouzi. She’s made multiple appearances at the Olympia Experimental Music Festival, Nofest, and Bumbershoot. She recently had the honor of opening for Lisa Carver’s Suckdog Reunion Tour.


Jennifer is currently coordinating a Death Confetti tour. She has a wide variety of material. She can fit on the bill of a noise show as seamlessly as she can read solo for a quiet night of poetry. She has a stockpile of poetic-prose, fiction and non-fiction. Funerals, maxi-pads, amnesia, birth, contagion, and isolation are a few of her recurring subjects. She does impersonations of her mother AND reads surreal stories based on dreams, including one where she hijacks a plane at the end of the world, and one where Alice Cooper visits a deathbed-teen. Check out her Youtube Channel.

THE TOUR is currently booking for dates between November 2016 and Spring 2017. If YOU want to inquire about interviews, performances, or other projects, please contact:

Jennifer Robin:

Christina Ward:

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Photo by Kenneth Barton


Kurt Eisenlohr has some JR performances that are not on her Youtube, including this one from August 2016:


Jennifer’s Youtube is here: